Dribble Days    

b o r n   i n   2 0 1 9

Baby Isabel with her Mum, Lara

When Isabel was a baby, she Dribbled. A lot.


After soaking through countless bibs and needing several changes of clothes a day, Lara took matters into her own hands. From old pieces of towel she fashioned stronger bibs to help protect (and make, not break) her daughter's outfits; Isabel was free to Dribble to her heart's content.

Well, the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. Having fine tuned the designs and stepped the manufacturing process up a few gears, the bibs have gone from kitchen creations sold at a market stall in SE London to an essential accessory in many teething tots' wardrobes all over the world.


The Dribblers


(The Scottish One)

Hamish used to sit for hours in his baby bouncer, silently staring into the garden, contemplating the world going by outside.


Unfortunately, not a lot has changed - but he is happy to do pretty much anything Isabel tells him to.


(The Curly One)

Isabel's favourite thing to do as a little'n was to bite her Dad's cheeks (look at those teeth!), earning her the prized nickname; 'Gobite'.

She is responsible for everything design and style. You won't find her too far away from her notebook, doodling away at new creations. Whether it's a bumble-bee buzzing across a bib or a dinosaur roaring with your baby, she's got it covered.